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How Often do you change your oil?

How Often Should I Change My Oil?  Have you ever wondering how often to change the engine oil in your vehicle?  Many of us were taught to have our oil replaced every 3,000 miles.  However, many manufactures are recommending service intervals of 7,500 miles to 10,000 miles.  If you replace fluids too frequently, you are wasting time, money, and environmental resources.  On the other hand, if you extend your intervals too long, you may end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs that could have been prevented at a minimal cost.

Can oil really last 10K miles?  First of all, engines are designed with more exact tolerances that protect the oil from combustion gasses and minimize bearing degradation.  Combine that with major improvements in lubrication technology and it is very reasonable to get a 10,000-mile service interval.

What are the risks of extending your oil-change intervals?  Modern vehicles use oil pressure to control valve timing, cylinder deactivation, and for cooling turbo chargers and other components.  These functions expose the oil to high temperatures which depletes the essential additives in the oil.  Combine that with frequent short trips and extended idling and the result is engine wear and oil sludging.  If your vehicle leaks or burns oil, you want to be cautious that it doesn’t run too low between services.

What is our recommendation? Your vehicle represents a major investment and the long-term benefits of regular maintenance will far out-way the cost.  Our general recommendation is to have your vehicle serviced with oil and a filter that meets or exceeds the factory specifications, every 5,000 miles or once per year.  Individuals that commute may choose to extend their intervals since their vehicle is operating under more ideal circumstances.  For those who are interested in narrowing their interval down to a science, a lab analysis can be performed for $20-25 that will show the exact condition of the oil.  At that point, a service interval can be tailored to the exact conditions of your vehicle.  For more information on how you can best care for your vehicle, we suggest that you consult a trusted repair facility.

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